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2 drabbles

: permanent
author: wings_strength9
pairing: siwon/hangeng
notes: 1 of 2 short, short drabbles written on an impulse after listening to a song.

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: byul
author: wings_strength9
pairing: siwon/hangeng
notes : 2 of 2. so these were actually written a while ago XD thanks jen, for the songs and for all the rest.

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I've been dead recently D:

But yes,                                     Obama Win. :D

Not sure whats going to happen, but I'm pretty sure he's prepared to be President. He's got the right attitude and seems like he can keep calm, which is what we need now, in the face of America's economic crisis.
I feel like it's all kind of anti-climatic though. So much campaign spamming, and (amazingly hilarious) SNL shows (which were more like parties, really) and now its just.. over? by a LANDSLIDE. which I'm very happy with, because feaking YES, obama :D

I do have some respect for McCain though, and I feel bad for him because now it's just sort of '...what now?' for him. Anyways,

Good luck, Mr. President elect

Also, have not been able to stop listening to Khalil Fong, who if you haven't listened to yet, should listen to. like, now. he's amazing, and his songs are written and sung by him and are gorgeous. the lyrics are always simple and so refreshing. (LOVE SONG) ♥ Previous post was pimping him out 8D

also, JJ Lin's new album (sixology) includes an english song. and his english is real english too, not engrish. Cries in a Distance




and while it took a while to catch up with everything, I think I finally have XD

so yes PIMP POST because I feel like it. and because I discovered Khalil Fong. If you do not understand why this is of upmost importance, please go check him out because I doubt you will be dissapointed. To me, he's one of those Leehom or JJ lin kinda guys- if nothing else, you have to respect him for his music.

240        240

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HAERY. Because I have discovered recent love for them. Don't get me wrong, I love Ryeowook. That boy has so much going for him, and I love him to bits and pieces for crying for Henry, but I just don't see Henwook/ Wookry. Well, I guess I can see Wookry a little. ...actually I'm still not completely sure I see Haery but they just look so good together and it's adorable.

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I wanted to pimp Sihan and Geng also, but that will have to wait for another day because I'm out of time D:
Good luck, anyone who has started or is starting school!~
han miss china

Fic: Healthy Ways to Deal With Stress (and Obsession)

Title: Healthy Ways to Deal With Stress (and Obsession)
Author: wings_strength9
Pairing: Sihan
Others: SJ15, Qmi, tiny tiny wookry (sungwookry?),fail!hyuk, shibrows,
Warnings: Crack. From beginning to end, and nothing but.

Summary: In which almost everyone fails at separating Siwon from his coke.

A/N: Short, and cracktastic 8D to balance out the last long angst? This took me hours, whereas Paradox took me months. Less length, less time, less quality. (and written half asleep) But the Sihan resistance needs to be built up somehow! D: and it's thanks to Nic you made me fry my brains. I hate you forever. because she's all sorts of encouraging when I'm like 'RAR no moar writing for me >:O'

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